Original Fresh Healthy And Innovation

Morals Village Of Canada

Morals Village is the interpretation of tradition and fashion, which adhering to the ideas and principles of “Original, fresh, healthy, and innovation”. Morals Village of Canada is based on Chinese Famous Cuisine brand (Moral Village); with bringing the new style hot pot integrates into foreign cuisine elements aim to create a unique boutique hot pot culture from its products, services and the environment. With respecting for the traditional culture and the pursuit of perfection, the brand is loyal to each detail in order to build a bridge between Chinese Food and the world with a sincere attitude.

Canada is such multicultural, tolerant, honest society that she attracts Morals Village. To ensure the original and authentic taste of hot pot, the owner insists on choosing hotpot seasonings imported from Chongqing where the brand origins. After that, hired experts carefully selected the high quality raw materials, develop a better recipe and innovate to embody meticulous taste, and reach the excellence constantly.  Because of Morals Village Canada is real.

An extraordinary eating experience should be a mixed of dedicated, friendly customer service with brief words, sincere attitude. Therefore, persist in using the five elements of nature – themed gift; the interior design is pleasingly simple that the wisdom is highlighted by the tasteful decoration. That’s why only in our restaurant – Morals Village Canada, the customers can have a real taste of hot pot. The experience is even more, feast of life.

Develop and Expand the Culture, Carry Forward the Cuisine!

Set on a pot of spicy and delicious taste; enjoy the real life with ambivalent emotions.

How to combine the tradition and innovation, how to respect the health and fashion, how to carry forward the spirit of Chinese Food Culture, and how to deliver the ideas behind the culture? We treat all the requirements as our tasks.

The Taste of Morals Village Canada


As its geographical feature of Chongqing, we adhere to select the original materials from the place; based on that, our French chef with his over 10 years French cooking experience to innovate a new recipe, which enhanced the taste make it rich and delicious.


Always fresh is our signature. Registered Canadian meat experts were hired only responsible for purchasing products and controlling the quality as we make efforts to keep all types of meat fresh. Meanwhile, since balance of the health and nutrition supplement is a new trend, we dedicate to make our food perfect in color, aroma and taste.

Chop skills

In an array of hot pot dishes, the foods made by hands are the most popular.  From choosing the ingredients, chop skills, the way they made food to the time consuming skills, the chefs focus on every single detail that only showing a respect for the traditional culture, and the professional spirit as they went through all the rigorous trainings.


Morals Village homemade beverages are distinctive. Beverages such as: secretly recipe made rice milk, plum juice, winter melon tea; herbal tea, sugar cane and impetrate drink are all brewed by finest fresh herbs to nourishing the body and cure above the disease.

Guest Reviews

  • 蛮好吃的 哈哈哈 难怪排队的人那么多 终于找到一家不是那种假蟹柳了 肉之类的都很新鲜 丸子都是手打的 还有很有特色的芝士夹心丸子 喜欢!!!

  • 终于吃上德庄火锅,weekday没有传说中那么多人。偶遇卫生临检,店家服务很周到,麻辣锅确实有重庆锅的味道,最值得一提的是整体环境奔着天朝的节奏去了,多村中餐食肆要都能赶上这节奏那多村人民就真有口福啦

  • 跋山涉水從Downtown來到Markham就為了來「德莊」吃大蜀國的味道,吃的好撐呀

  • maaaan don't know where else you could find authentic spicy hot pot.

    Foodie M.
  • Food was good, I could not complaint about it. Decor was amazing and service was awesome! I did had a great experience at the restaurant and will most definitely come back, probably on a weekday.

    Tee W.
  • Amazing food and broth choices. I came here to celebrate a friend's birthday not too long ago. There were 7 of us. We had to call in for a reservation. We had to wait for our table for about 5 - 10 minutes but the hostess was very sweet and apologized for the wait. We sat down and immediately someone came over and asked if we wanted a round of ice water while looking at the menu. The menu is easy to read and follow and it was all you can eat! We were here for about 3 hours. Over all, friendly service, it is quick and easy, this location is definitely one of my favourite places to have hot pot from now on.

    Bonnie W.

Hot Line

MON to THU 4 people / FRI to SUN 6 people and above are accepted for reservation.

Toronto Downtown Store:647.352.7588
Add.: 436 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON, M5T 1G7

Vancouver Store:778.237.3737
Add.:1200-4540 No.3 Rd, Richmond, BC, V6X 4E4

Waterloo Store:519.954.8883
Add.:19-160 University Ave West, Waterloo, ON N2L 3E9

Mississauga Store: 905.276.6768
Add.: Unit 2, 1177 Central Pkwy W, Mississauga, ON L5C 4P3

Ottawa Store: 613-736-6503
Add.:  Unit 1-3987 Riverside Dr., Ottawa, ON K1V 1C1